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Welcome to APRL

How do I join APRL?

Complete our online application.  Annual membership dues are $175.00 and may be paid online through a credit or debit card. 


How do I renew my membership?

Memberships are renewed through our invoice system that is linked to your account or by logging into your account and accessing your invoice in the Members-only (Info. Hub) portion of the website.


What is the composition of APRL as an organization?

APRL members include lawyers who represent other lawyers in terms of counseling lawyers and law firms, in disciplinary and malpractice proceedings, as expert witnesses, in bar admission case as well as academics and adjunct professors who teach professional responsibility, lawyers who serve as volunteers on state bar ethics committees and lawyers who serve as in-house ethics/general counsel/risk management counsel for their firms.

Is APRL limited to lawyers who practice exclusively ethics law?

No. It is an organization of lawyers, academics, judges and others who share an interest in professional responsibility, legal ethics, and the law of lawyering.

Are there other benefits to APRL membership?

The organization’s listserv is an invaluable resource open to all members. The listserv is a place for open discussion where members can solicit input on substantive topics of interest in the area of rules and principles of legal ethics applied to the practice of law. The listserv also permits APRL members to keep abreast of current events in the practice as well as quick research help from peers across the country. You can download information regarding the listserv and that answers some common questions and answers about its functionality at this link:


Does APRL hold meetings?

The organization holds meetings twice a year generally in the same city and near the time of the ABA annual and midyear meetings. Such meetings feature discussion of a variety of topical professional responsibility and legal ethics issues by preeminent leaders in the field. The biannual meetings provide for congeniality among members and feature dinners and other social events. Periodically, APRL holds meetings internationally and has previously held them in Paris, Amsterdam and China.

How do I register for APRL meetings & events?

APRL provides online information and registration at our Events page.


About APRL's website?

APRL’s website provides a directory of members and furnishes a wealth of information about APRL. On the Members-only (Info. Hub) portion of the website, it offers topical and relevant information, APRL governance, a variety of resources on lawyers’ professional responsibility, legal ethics, legal malpractice and the law of lawyering.

Can I view materials from prior conferences?

Materials from past programs are available to members in the member-only (Info. Hub) portion of the site that is available for APRL members.


Does APRL take public positions on professional responsibility and legal ethics issues?

Yes. The Association takes public positions on matters pending before the executive and legislative branches of government. In terms of the judiciary, APRL provides testimony and input before the judiciary and, in appropriate cases, it files amicus curiae briefs. It also furnishes input and opinion relating to legal ethics matters before the American Bar Association and other bar organizations on professional responsibility matters.

What is the membership year?

The membership year runs for 12 months from the date you become a member.