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Public Statements/Amicus

Public Statements

APRL may issue public reports, positions, and/or amicus briefs that the APRL Board of Directors has approved pursuant to Article XIV of the APRL By-Laws as being consistent with the purposes of the organization.

public statements


March 10, 2023

Amendments to Model Rules of Professional Conduct Concerning Lawyers’ Client Due Diligence Obligations

APRL endorses the revision to the Model Rules of Professional Conduct proposed in the January 23, 2023, memorandum of the ABA Standing Committee on Ethics and Professional Responsibility and Standing Committee on Professional Regulation. APRL applauds the care with which the two Committees have crafted their proposal to clarify a lawyer’s client intake obligations to ensure the lawyer’s services are not being used to facilitate money laundering crimes.

Model Rules of PSA - 3-10-23 Letter to N. Vera


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June 30, 2023

APRL’s Application for Leave to File Amicus Brief and the Amicus Brief, as filed in the Second District Court of Appeal on June 30.

Peebles, Application

Peebles: APRL Amicus Curiae Brief


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Guidelines for Request for APRL to Participate in a Case by Filing an Amicus Brief

The Public Statements Committee (PSC) reviews requests for the Association of Professional Responsibility Lawyers (APRL) to file amicus briefs. The PSC makes its recommendation to the APRL Board on whether a request should be accepted. The Board considers, but is not bound by, the PSC’s recommendation.

A request shall be submitted by completing this form:  AMICUS BRIEF REQUEST-GOOGLE DOC Form

Download Guideline for Request